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Walk Bali it's part of Guntur Global Media, a company engaged in Radio Station, Events and Digital Marketing Agency.

We are focused on Tourism in Bali, our services aside from being a directory of places in Bali and content providers, we are also an Administrator partner for companies that operate mainly in the field of tourism services or services in Bali.

As an Agency Tour which is also a content provider, we pack information about places with various types of categories in detail and optimally. Starting from attractions, restaurants and activities.

Where, we distribute these content on the Tours website properties that we manage

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Provision of facilities for vendor clients, attractions, places and activities to promote the offer of services to our users for free.


We ensure users will fully understand and understand what they are looking for.


We distribute tourist object and activity content optimally, adapting to the theme in SEO (Search Engine Optimization) oriented way to the tour websites that we manage.


We are different from the details that we working on, therefore the content will become unique and deeply informative.

Not just a plain tours.

The Vision


Contributing to the development of tourism in Bali and it related small and medium enterprises.


Grow and develop with partner tour operators as an professional services network.


Presentation of content in the best way for all parties as a service provider of tourism-related services in Bali.

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Become a partner that can be relied upon as a medium of branding and promotion for tourism partners.

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